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[IMG]1813 (say) Charles Shaw (1793-1843, father of Harriette Harper nee Shaw).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 47K 
[IMG]1833 Harper Family Bible.jpg2010-03-13 18:47 116K 
[IMG]1841 William Collinge in Middleton Census Record.jpg2012-02-14 15:19 123K 
[IMG]1851-11-29 Ralph Broadbent letter to daughter Jane (later Collinge) p1of3.jpg2012-07-17 09:08 143K 
[IMG]1851-11-29 Ralph Broadbent letter to daughter Jane (later Collinge) p2of3.jpg2012-07-17 09:08 153K 
[IMG]1851-11-29 Ralph Broadbent letter to daughter Jane (later Collinge) p3of3.jpg2012-07-17 09:08 133K 
[IMG]1854 Edward Harper (m Harriette Shaw 1856).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 41K 
[IMG]1856 Harriette Harper nee Shaw (1834-1920).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 80K 
[IMG]1861 (say) Elizabeth Catherine Ferard, Deaconess.jpg2010-07-05 05:14 42K 
[IMG]1861 William Betty and Richard Collinge in Oldham Census Record.jpg2012-02-14 15:19 187K 
[IMG]1862 (say) Emily Rose ('Rose') Armstrong (nee Ferard), Charles Agace Ferard, Catherine Mary ('Kate') Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 138K 
[IMG]1869 (say) Reginald Herbert Ferard and Henry Cecil Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 273K 
[IMG]1871 Richard Collinge and Jane nee Broadbent and Fred in Oldham Census Records.jpg2012-02-14 15:19 168K 
[IMG]1872 (say) Jane Collinge (nee Broadbent).jpg2022-05-05 16:02 66K 
[IMG]1872 (say) Richard Collinge.jpg2022-05-05 16:02 58K 
[IMG]1876 (say) Charles Agace Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 93K 
[IMG]1878 Grandpa and Grandma Evans and Nellie (Ellen).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 114K 
[IMG]1880 (say) 'Our Great Grandmother Ann Wilkinson who married Robert George Rolison'.jpg2010-03-13 18:47 48K 
[IMG]1880 (say) Deaconess House at Westbourne Park, of which Elizabeth Ferard was the first Head.jpg2010-07-05 05:14 34K 
[IMG]1880 Ascot Place - Drawing Room (1).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 201K 
[IMG]1880 Ascot Place - Drawing Room (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 212K 
[IMG]1880 Ascot Place - The Grotto (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:47 197K 
[IMG]1880 Ascot Place - The Grotto.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 218K 
[IMG]1880 Ascot Place - The Temple.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 275K 
[IMG]1880 Ascot Place.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 247K 
[IMG]1885 (say) Harriette (Shaw) Harper (maybe).jpg2010-03-13 18:48 78K 
[IMG]1885 Marriage of Florence Levinge and Irton Eardley-Wilmot.jpg2011-11-17 14:28 212K 
[IMG]1887 (say) Jane Collinge (nee Broadbent) and daughter Nora (later Ogden).jpg2022-05-05 16:02 79K 
[IMG]1890 (say) Jane Collinge - nee Broadbent Wife of Richard Collinge d 1928.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 37K 
[IMG]1890 (say) Richard Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 38K 
[IMG]1894 Cecil as baby with tiger shot by father (Henry Cecil Ferard) - camp in India.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 160K 
[IMG]1895 Cecil Leonard Ferard.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 56K 
[IMG]1896 (say) Betty Armstrong, Rose Armstrong, Evelyn Ferard, Molly Armstrong, Charlie Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:30 293K 
[IMG]1896 (say) Molly Armstrong, Evelyn Ferard, Charlie Ferard, Rose Armstrong, Betty Armstrong.jpg2021-05-29 15:27 226K 
[IMG]1898 (say) Cecil and George Deas Ferard - Folkestone.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 115K 
[IMG]1898 (say) Charles Agace Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 70K 
[IMG]1899 (say) Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 111K 
[IMG]1899 (say) George Deas Ferard and Cecil - Oxford.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 86K 
[IMG]1900 (say) Charles Agace Ferard, Evelyn Ferard, Lavinia Louisa Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 74K 
[IMG]1900 (say) Charles Agace Ferard, Evelyn Ferard, Lavinia Louisa Ferard and others.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 333K 
[IMG]1900 (say) GeorgeCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 56K 
[IMG]1900 (say) Harriet Harper (Mellard's mother) and Harriette Shaw (Harper) b 6Oct1834 d 28Sep1920 (Mellard's grandmother).jpg2010-03-13 18:48 134K 
[IMG]1900 (say) Lavinia Louisa Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 70K 
[IMG]1900 (say) NellieCollinge nee Ellen Evans.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 53K 
[IMG]1900 (say) back - Reginald H Ferard, Charles Agace Ferard, D I Armstrong, H C Ferard, front - Cecil, Evelyn, Arthur, Ida, George.jpg2021-05-29 16:05 84K 
[IMG]1901 George Deas Ferard, Temple and Cecil at Folkestone.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 82K 
[IMG]1901 Richard Collinge and family in Census Records.jpg2012-02-14 15:19 116K 
[IMG]1902 Cecil aged 7 at Folkestone.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 110K 
[IMG]1902 George Deas Ferard aged 5 at Folkestone.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 96K 
[IMG]1904 (say) Cecil in Eton suit - Eton.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 79K 
[IMG]1904 (say) Henry C Ferard.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 72K 
[IMG]1904 (say) Henry Cecil Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 129K 
[IMG]1904 (say) Ida Ferard (nee Deas).jpg2021-05-29 15:58 42K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Charles Agace Ferard and others.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 248K 
[IMG]1905 (say) H C Ferard, Cecil, George, Ida.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 74K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Nellie Collinge nee Ellen Evans.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 51K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Nellie Collinge nee Ellen Evans 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 19K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Richard Collinge.jpg2022-05-05 16:02 61K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Winkfield Manor - Dining Room.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 162K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Winkfield Manor - The Lounge Hall.jpg2010-03-13 18:48 186K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Winkfield Manor - The Morning Room.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 188K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Winkfield Manor - The Rhododendron Walk.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 249K 
[IMG]1905 (say) Winkfield Manor - The Rose Walk.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 226K 
[IMG]1905-01 Alfred Harriet and Mellard Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 168K 
[IMG]1905 Winkfield Manor (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:49 177K 
[IMG]1905 Winkfield Manor.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 158K 
[IMG]1906 (say) George Deas Ferard, Cecil Ferard, Evelyn Ferard and Charles Ferard (others unidentified).jpg2021-05-29 15:58 150K 
[IMG]1906 (say) Nora Collinge (later Ogden).jpg2022-05-05 16:02 130K 
[IMG]1906 George Deas and Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 146K 
[IMG]1906 Mellard Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 64K 
[IMG]1908 (say) Cecil and George Deas Ferard at Bath.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 67K 
[IMG]1909 (say) Mellard Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 97K 
[IMG]1910 (say) Janet Ferard.jpg2017-11-09 12:54 92K 
[IMG]1910 (say) Peggy Ferard.jpg2017-11-09 12:54 90K 
[IMG]1910 Nora GeorgeCollinge Eva Billy Nellie.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 110K 
[IMG]1910 Richard Collinge 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 47K 
[IMG]1911 'The Union Jack sent to Southport Tasmania by the scholars of All Saints Blowick Schools'.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 114K 
[IMG]1912 (say) Mary Mellor Ogden (d age 1 of diphtheria).jpg2022-05-05 16:02 65K 
[IMG]1912 Alfred and Harriet Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 119K 
[IMG]1912 Auntie Annie (Ashton), Molly Harper, Dudley Ashton, Marjorie Harper and Mellard Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 77K 
[IMG]1912 Mellard's Mother (Harriet Harper nee Rolison).jpg2010-03-13 18:49 136K 
[IMG]1912 Mellard Harper (3rd from right top row) - Wallasey Grammer School.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 144K 
[IMG]1912 Mellard and Alfred Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 69K 
[IMG]1912 Nora - wedding of sister of George Collinge (maybe).jpg2010-03-13 18:49 144K 
[IMG]1913 (say) Evelyn Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 156K 
[IMG]1913 (say) Nora and Eva.jpg2017-11-09 12:54 74K 
[IMG]1913 GeorgeHarper (Mellard's Father)'s Car.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 102K 
[IMG]1913 Nora Collinge as a girl with doll.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 65K 
[IMG]1914-12 Cecil as Second Lieutenant.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 66K 
[IMG]1914 Alfred Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 46K 
[IMG]1914 Eva Billy Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 45K 
[IMG]1915 (say) Billy.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 17K 
[IMG]1915 (say) GeorgeCollinge (in rear) and friends in car.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 59K 
[IMG]1915 (say) Knockdrin, Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, Canada.jpg2011-08-11 17:28 98K 
[IMG]1915 (say) Nora Collinge at Penrose School.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 137K 
[IMG]1915 (say) Nora GeorgeCollinge and friends.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 92K 
[IMG]1916 (say) Evans family relations (Nellie's) perhaps.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 38K 
[IMG]1916 (say) Nora and friends.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 56K 
[IMG]1916 (say) picnic.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 29K 
[IMG]1917 (say) Eva.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 55K 
[IMG]1917 (say) Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 25K 
[IMG]1917 (say) Nora at Penrhos School.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 30K 
[IMG]1917 (say) a teacher at Penrhos.jpg2010-03-13 18:49 50K 
[IMG]1918 (say) Frank Collinge Ogden, Paul Ogden, Nora Ogden (nee Collinge).jpg2022-05-05 16:02 67K 
[IMG]1918 (say) Mellard Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 60K 
[IMG]1918 (say) Nora and friends.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 19K 
[IMG]1918 (say) riding scene.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 78K 
[IMG]1918 (say) unknown - friend of Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 26K 
[IMG]1918 (say) unknown girl pretending to ride motorbike.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 37K 
[IMG]1919-01-31 Letter from Bill to Eva Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 214K 
[IMG]1919-01-31 Letter from Bill to Eva Collinge 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 112K 
[IMG]1919-01-31 Letter from Bill to Eva Collinge 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 94K 
[IMG]1920 (say) Mellard and probably mother, at wheel of car.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 27K 
[IMG]1920 (say) Mellard at wheel of car - in water.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 31K 
[IMG]1920 (say) Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 21K 
[IMG]1920 Cecil in Nigeria.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 116K 
[IMG]1920 Jane Collinge - nee Broadbent wife of Richard Collinge d 1928.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 57K 
[IMG]1920 Nellie GeorgeCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 92K 
[IMG]1920 RichardCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 35K 
[IMG]1920s (late) Nellie Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 50K 
[IMG]1920s Collinges Harpers 001.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 234K 
[IMG]1920s Collinges Harpers 002.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 199K 
[IMG]1920s Joan and GeorgeCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 135K 
[IMG]1920s Nora Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 50K 
[IMG]1921 (say) Peggy Ferard.jpg2017-11-09 12:54 44K 
[IMG]1922 (say) Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 28K 
[IMG]1923-03-08 Birthday Card from Eva to Nellie Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 105K 
[IMG]1923-03-08 Birthday Card from Eva to Nellie Collinge 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 180K 
[IMG]1924 (say) Joan as a baby with family 001.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 242K 
[IMG]1924 (say) Mellard Joan GeorgeCollinge Nora unknown.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 51K 
[IMG]1925 (say) GeorgeCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 49K 
[IMG]1925 (say) Harriet Harper nee Rolison.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 66K 
[IMG]1925 (say) Ida Mary Ferard (nee Deas), mother of Cecil George Peggy and Janet, wife of Henry Charles Ferard.jpg2010-03-13 18:50 73K 
[IMG]1925 (say) Marjorie and Cecil skiing.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 57K 
[IMG]1925 (say) Nora Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 20K 
[IMG]1925-10-06 Marjorie (nee Hawkesworth Smyth) and Cecil Leonard Ferard - London.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 95K 
[IMG]1925 Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 95K 
[IMG]1925 Cecil Leonard Ferard.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 62K 
[IMG]1925 Eva Nora Marjorie Harper Southport.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 53K 
[IMG]1925 Mellard Harper putting.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 51K 
[IMG]1925 Mellard Harper swinging.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 71K 
[IMG]1926 Eva Collinge with Marjorie Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 54K 
[IMG]1927 GeorgeCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 23K 
[IMG]1927 Joan GeorgeCollinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 21K 
[IMG]1927 Nellie Joan and unknown.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 35K 
[IMG]1928 (say) Evelyn Ferard.jpg2021-05-29 15:58 104K 
[IMG]1928-03-31 Nora and Mellard Wedding Order of Service 001.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 86K 
[IMG]1928-06-01 The Southport Visitor.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 284K 
[IMG]1928 Collinges and Harpers Nora Eva Marjorie Harper Nellie George Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 99K 
[IMG]1928 Joan.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 11K 
[IMG]1928 Joan 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 7.0K 
[IMG]1928 Joan 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 24K 
[IMG]1928 Marjorie Harper with Grandma Harper at Bournemouth.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 82K 
[IMG]1928 Marriage of Edward Mellard Harper to Nora Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 129K 
[IMG]1928 May 31 Nora and Mellard Harper wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 52K 
[IMG]1928 Nora 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 86K 
[IMG]1928 Nora 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 45K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 39K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0001.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 91K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0002.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 41K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0003.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 56K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0004.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 82K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0005.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 64K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0006.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 56K 
[IMG]1928 Nora Mellard honeymoonquery_0007.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 63K 
[IMG]1928 Nora and Mellard Harper about to take a flight (honeymoon maybe).jpg2010-03-13 18:51 93K 
[IMG]1929 (say) George Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 90K 
[IMG]1929 Eva, Marjorie Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 68K 
[IMG]1929 Mellard, Nora and Mellard's father George Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 82K 
[IMG]1929 Mellard Harper on dry stone wall.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 72K 
[IMG]1929 Mellard and Nora Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 62K 
[IMG]1930-07-10 The Southport Visitor.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 288K 
[IMG]1930s (say) Ballynegall, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland.jpg2011-08-11 17:28 5.8K 
[IMG]1930s Nora Ogden (nee Collinge) visiting Far East.jpg2022-05-05 16:02 85K 
[IMG]1931 George Collinge with Lord Mayor of Southport.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 153K 
[IMG]1931 Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:51 40K 
[IMG]1932 G.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 103K 
[IMG]1932 V's Christening - Marjorie Harper, Nellie Collinge, Mellard Harper, Harriet Harper (maybe), anon, V, Nora, Alfred Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 71K 
[IMG]1932 V's Christening - Marjorie Harper, Nellie Collinge, Mellard Harper, Harriet Harper (maybe), anon, V, Nora, Alfred Harper 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 79K 
[IMG]1932 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 49K 
[IMG]1932 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 98K 
[IMG]1932 V Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 90K 
[IMG]1932 V Nora 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 60K 
[IMG]1932 V as a baby 1932 with mother Nora Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 61K 
[IMG]1932 V as child with Parents Nora and Mellard Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 80K 
[IMG]1932 V with Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 71K 
[IMG]1932 V with Nora 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 79K 
[IMG]1932 V with Nora at her christening.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 85K 
[IMG]1933 (say) Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 112K 
[IMG]1933-09 G.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 65K 
[IMG]1933 V 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 32K 
[IMG]1933 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 41K 
[IMG]1933 V 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 46K 
[IMG]1933 V 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 47K 
[IMG]1933 V 5.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 44K 
[IMG]1933 V 6.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 50K 
[IMG]1933 V 7.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 81K 
[IMG]1934 Four Generations - Joseph Deas, Cecil Ferard, Ida Ferard nee Deas, G.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 107K 
[IMG]1934 Four Generations - Joseph Deas, Cecil Ferard, Ida Ferard nee Deas, G and Monica.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 155K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 81K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V _0001.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 47K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V _0002.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 43K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V _0003.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 59K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V _0004.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 58K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V _0006.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 76K 
[IMG]1934 Joan V _0007.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 93K 
[IMG]1934 Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 30K 
[IMG]1934 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 56K 
[IMG]1934 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 52K 
[IMG]1934 V 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 97K 
[IMG]1934 V Nora Eva GeorgeCollinge Nellie.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 85K 
[IMG]1934 V with grandmother Nellie Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 55K 
[IMG]1935 (say) Cecil with others in India (prof photo in Abbotabad NWFP India).jpg2010-03-13 18:52 221K 
[IMG]1935-07 V with Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 88K 
[IMG]1935 Eva and Bryan in Christening Robe.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 57K 
[IMG]1935 Joy Maitland and V - bridesmaids at Marjorie Harper (Bancroft) wedding 001.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 56K 
[IMG]1935 Joy Maitland and V - bridesmaids at Marjorie Harper (Bancroft) wedding 002.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 23K 
[IMG]1935 Nora, Bill (holding Michael), Joan, Eva, George Collinge, David, V, Nellie, Bryan (baby).jpg2010-03-13 18:53 130K 
[IMG]1935 Nora Harper.jpg2010-03-13 18:52 79K 
[IMG]1935 V (maybe) Summer.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 120K 
[IMG]1935 V GeorgeCollinge Nellie and Billy's 3 children.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 83K 
[IMG]1935 V as small child.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 71K 
[IMG]1936 (say) Eva Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 72K 
[IMG]1936 G in Northern India.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 57K 
[IMG]1936 Joan Collinge with her niece V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 80K 
[IMG]1936 Nellie, Nora, Bryan (as baby), Joan, GeorgeCollinge, V, Virginia, Eva, anon.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 92K 
[IMG]1936 Nora Harper with Nellie Collinge her mother.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 61K 
[IMG]1936 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 58K 
[IMG]1936 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 60K 
[IMG]1936 V 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 55K 
[IMG]1936 V 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 90K 
[IMG]1936 V with cousins Virginia and David or Michael.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 71K 
[IMG]1937 G in UK (1).jpg2010-03-13 18:53 63K 
[IMG]1937 G in UK (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:53 75K 
[IMG]1937 Nora Nellie GeorgeCollinge Bryan V Len.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 87K 
[IMG]1937 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 53K 
[IMG]1937 V with grandfather George Collinge and Bryan.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 90K 
[IMG]1938 (say) Cecil, Monica, Marjorie, G - family outing from Alverstoke.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 89K 
[IMG]1938 (say) G prawning at Connemara.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 48K 
[IMG]1938 (say) Marjorie, G, Nanny Bishop, Monica on picnic.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 92K 
[IMG]1938 (say) Monica, Marjorie, G and dog - family outing from Alverstoke.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 75K 
[IMG]1938 G, Cecil and Monica in Connemara.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 67K 
[IMG]1938 G in Connemara.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 28K 
[IMG]1938 Monica, Nanny Bishop, Cecil, G - family outing from Alverstoke.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 110K 
[IMG]1938 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 67K 
[IMG]1938 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 68K 
[IMG]1938 V 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 53K 
[IMG]1938 V BryanC Eva SouthportSands.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 50K 
[IMG]1938 V with Friend in 1930's.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 69K 
[IMG]1938 V with George Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 44K 
[IMG]1938 V with George Collinge laughing.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 86K 
[IMG]1938 V with Nora and maybe Virginia.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 57K 
[IMG]1939 (say) G and Monica at Llandudno 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 72K 
[IMG]1939 (say) G and Monica at Llandudno 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 70K 
[IMG]1939 (say) G and Monica at Porthcawl.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 64K 
[IMG]1939 (say) Monica and G climbing Snowden.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 65K 
[IMG]1939-01 Cecil in The Half-Yearly Army List.jpg2015-05-26 12:47 29K 
[IMG]1939 Bryan V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 77K 
[IMG]1939 G and Monica at The Traills School, Braunton.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 85K 
[IMG]1939 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 64K 
[IMG]1939 V 18Kew preparatory School Sports day.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 155K 
[IMG]1940 (say) Bryan.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 47K 
[IMG]1940 (say) Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 65K 
[IMG]1940 (say) Cecil as Colonel.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 100K 
[IMG]1940 (say) Eva and Bryan.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 29K 
[IMG]1940 (say) G and Monica.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 61K 
[IMG]1940 (say) The Shielings, Bembridge Isle of Wight (back lawn) - G's home 1938-1946.jpg2020-07-16 07:54 192K 
[IMG]1940 G at Bembridge.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 68K 
[IMG]1940 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 94K 
[IMG]1940 V Summer Term Kew Preparatory School Sports Day.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 119K 
[IMG]1940 V having a laugh with Grandfather George Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 104K 
[IMG]1940 V in Southport with Grandmother Collinge.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 32K 
[IMG]1941-07 V at Kew Prep School.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 188K 
[IMG]1941 Eva, JoanCollinge (nee Mellor), Ellie, Nora, GeorgeCollinge, Virginia, Bryan and three anon at Southport.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 76K 
[IMG]1942 (say) Bryan V and Joan on beach.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 54K 
[IMG]1942 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 93K 
[IMG]1942 G aged 10 (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:53 69K 
[IMG]1942 G aged 10.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 67K 
[IMG]1942 Ida Mary Ferard.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 66K 
[IMG]1942 V at Kew Preparatory School sports day.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 139K 
[IMG]1942 V with Cousins,Bryan with cap, and Michael, David and Virginia.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 102K 
[IMG]1943-06 Joan and Jean at the time of their wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 32K 
[IMG]1943-06 Joan as bride.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 30K 
[IMG]1943-06 V, Jean and Joan - wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 92K 
[IMG]1943-06 V as bridesmaid (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:54 86K 
[IMG]1943-06 V as bridesmaid.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 71K 
[IMG]1943-06 V with anon, Michael, Bryan and Virginia (Joan's Wedding).jpg2010-03-13 18:54 82K 
[IMG]1944 (say) Cecil and G with Dogfish and Conger Eels.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 37K 
[IMG]1944 (say) G with mackerel.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 80K 
[IMG]1944 (say) Monica and Tibby at The Sheiling.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 64K 
[IMG]1944-06-13 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 149K 
[IMG]1944 Frank Collinge Ogden and Margaret nee Greenwood.jpg2022-05-05 16:02 108K 
[IMG]1944 G aged 12.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 77K 
[IMG]1945 Joan Michel.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 64K 
[IMG]1945 Michel.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 72K 
[IMG]1945 Michel 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 68K 
[IMG]1945 Michel Joan.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 46K 
[IMG]1946 G Winchester.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 204K 
[IMG]1946 V 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 48K 
[IMG]1946 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 39K 
[IMG]1946 V 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 42K 
[IMG]1947 (maybe) V with Joan and friends possibly Paris.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 111K 
[IMG]1947 (say) V with mother Nora and Aunt Joan Paris.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 74K 
[IMG]1947 Chantal BoisDeBoulogne.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 107K 
[IMG]1947 Chantal Michel.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 102K 
[IMG]1947 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 78K 
[IMG]1947 V confirmation.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 38K 
[IMG]1947 V in Paris.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 71K 
[IMG]1947 V with Joan,Meme Jean mother in France.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 107K 
[IMG]1948 (say) Bryan.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 62K 
[IMG]1948 Chantal Michel.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 111K 
[IMG]1949 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 35K 
[IMG]1949 (say) V in late 1940s.jpg2010-03-13 18:53 18K 
[IMG]1949 Bryan, JohnC, Eva, Joan, V.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 82K 
[IMG]1949 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 83K 
[IMG]1949 V NormaWagstaffe 47YorkRd,Southport.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 81K 
[IMG]1949 V RutlandRoad.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 90K 
[IMG]1949 V with Friends Southport.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 47K 
[IMG]1950 (maybe) V with early boyfriend keith.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 65K 
[IMG]1950 (say) Kitty Fagan (nee Ferard).jpg2017-11-09 12:54 49K 
[IMG]1950 (say) V, JohnC and anon.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 50K 
[IMG]1950 G.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 98K 
[IMG]1950 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 83K 
[IMG]1950s Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 41K 
[IMG]1951 (say) V in ballgown.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 87K 
[IMG]1951-05 G at Mons Officer Cadet School, Aldershot.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 194K 
[IMG]1951 G in Singapore.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 125K 
[IMG]1952-09 G on completion of his National Service in Malaya with the 1st Singapore Regt RA.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 73K 
[IMG]1952 3.7 Heavy Ack Ack Gun (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 72K 
[IMG]1952 Disguised Armoured Car (fooled no one and was ambushed the next day).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 99K 
[IMG]1952 G Layang Layang Station Malaya.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 128K 
[IMG]1952 G Malaya 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 142K 
[IMG]1952 G Malaya 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 204K 
[IMG]1952 G Malaya 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 168K 
[IMG]1952 G Malaya 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 48K 
[IMG]1952 G at Army Camp in Malaya.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 86K 
[IMG]1952 G at Army Camp in Malaya 2 (Colin, Alec, Mike, G).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 104K 
[IMG]1952 G in Malaya - Auster near Termazoh, after police had put guard on plane.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 130K 
[IMG]1952 G in Malaya - Regimental Sports - 3 mile race (4th from left).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 169K 
[IMG]1952 G in Malaya - on beach with friends.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 99K 
[IMG]1952 G in Malaya - on beach with friends 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 103K 
[IMG]1952 G in Malaya.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 76K 
[IMG]1952 G in UK on return from Malaya (1).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 91K 
[IMG]1952 G in UK on return from Malaya (2).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 70K 
[IMG]1952 G with cat and boil on arm (Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 81K 
[IMG]1952 Jean Algeria.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 105K 
[IMG]1952 Joan Algeria.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 80K 
[IMG]1952 Joan Algeria 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 93K 
[IMG]1952 Loading the Gun (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 81K 
[IMG]1952 Marjorie Ferard.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 65K 
[IMG]1952 Michel Algeria.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 42K 
[IMG]1952 Michel Chantal Eva JohnC Bryan at Abergele, N Wales.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 78K 
[IMG]1952 No.1 Predictor (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 84K 
[IMG]1952 Officers under instruction from G (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 81K 
[IMG]1952 Predictor Crew (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 121K 
[IMG]1952 Radar (mens barracks behind) (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 74K 
[IMG]1952 Regiment Malaya.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 154K 
[IMG]1952 The Mess (G in Malaya).jpg2010-03-13 18:55 117K 
[IMG]1952 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 87K 
[IMG]1953 (say) Bryan.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 77K 
[IMG]1953 At the Fair.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 113K 
[IMG]1953 Boy with Dog, Co Kerry.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 190K 
[IMG]1953 Caragh Lake - looking towards upper lake.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 150K 
[IMG]1953 Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 88K 
[IMG]1953 Cecil and Marjorie at Caragh Lodge.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 136K 
[IMG]1953 Family Photo, Co Kerry.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 104K 
[IMG]1953 G at Malvern.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 36K 
[IMG]1953 G with Margaret - picking plums at Wisbech.jpg2010-03-13 18:55 61K 
[IMG]1953 Ilene Courtney and G - Strawberry Fields and Malvern Hills (3 photos).jpg2010-03-13 18:56 113K 
[IMG]1953 Joan Algeria.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 44K 
[IMG]1953 Joan V Algeria.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 75K 
[IMG]1953 King Puck, Killorglin.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 117K 
[IMG]1953 Mere, Co Kerry.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 149K 
[IMG]1953 Old Killarney.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 111K 
[IMG]1953 Open gate, Co Kerry.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 121K 
[IMG]1953 Outside Culloth's, Killorglin.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 134K 
[IMG]1953 Outside McGillycuddy's, Killorglin.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 112K 
[IMG]1953 Outside O'Sullivan's, Killorglin.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 101K 
[IMG]1953 Street Scene 1, Killorglin.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 129K 
[IMG]1953 Street Scene 2, Killorglin.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 99K 
[IMG]1953 The Scallop Catchers.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 168K 
[IMG]1953 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 89K 
[IMG]1953 Waiting for the Creamery Van - outside Caragh Lodge.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 134K 
[IMG]1954 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 62K 
[IMG]1954-05-06 Roger Bannister after completing the first 4-minute mile (taken by G).jpg2010-03-13 18:56 85K 
[IMG]1954-09 G and Cecil in Co Clare.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 92K 
[IMG]1954 G and the 'Two Camera Ploy'.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 57K 
[IMG]1954 G in Bournemouth (taken by Jenny).jpg2010-03-13 18:56 132K 
[IMG]1954 G with Rolleiflex - Bournemouth.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 39K 
[IMG]1954 Jenny (G) - Bournemouth.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 50K 
[IMG]1954 V graduation photo.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 84K 
[IMG]1955 (say) Ursula.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 36K 
[IMG]1955 (say) V and Keith (fiancee).jpg2010-03-13 18:56 39K 
[IMG]1955 (say) V and Nora.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 38K 
[IMG]1955 Bryan.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 83K 
[IMG]1955 G at Oxford.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 29K 
[IMG]1956 (say) V in London 1950s.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 41K 
[IMG]1956 AnnLoxley V ChristineHarkness.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 57K 
[IMG]1956 AnnLoxley V Ursula London.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 58K 
[IMG]1956 G.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 66K 
[IMG]1957 G's London Crowd at Holland Park - Hubert Hole, Hugh Sutcliffe, G, Eleanor (later Harrop), Michael Rice, anon, Mowena Bungay (sitting), anon.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 133K 
[IMG]1957 G.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 83K 
[IMG]1957 G 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 85K 
[IMG]1957 G and Eleanor.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 108K 
[IMG]1957 G outside Pond Place.jpg2010-03-13 18:56 93K 
[IMG]1958 (say) G 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 64K 
[IMG]1958-02 G Passport Photo.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 34K 
[IMG]1958 Colette Beauprez and G.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 85K 
[IMG]1958 G 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 88K 
[IMG]1958 G Kenyan Driving Licence.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 106K 
[IMG]1958 V 001.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 99K 
[IMG]1959 (say) G.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 45K 
[IMG]1959 (say) G 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 90K 
[IMG]1959 (say) G 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 35K 
[IMG]1959 (say) G 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 64K 
[IMG]1959 (say) V G Tricia and JohnBeach, Marie, Hugh Sutcliffe (Spider).jpg2010-03-13 18:57 75K 
[IMG]1959 (say) V in London late 50's.jpg2010-03-13 18:54 10K 
[IMG]1959-01-01 DavidHarper.jpg2013-12-15 08:00 106K 
[IMG]1959 Cecil - hills above Marbella.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 73K 
[IMG]1959 G.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 89K 
[IMG]1959 G 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 104K 
[IMG]1959 G 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 58K 
[IMG]1959 G 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 61K 
[IMG]1959 G Passport.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 30K 
[IMG]1959 G at Tamariu, Costa Brava.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 67K 
[IMG]1959 G in London.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 66K 
[IMG]1959 G in Morris Minor.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 71K 
[IMG]1959 G in Paris.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 95K 
[IMG]1959 G outside The Windsor Castle.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 72K 
[IMG]1959 V 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 87K 
[IMG]1959 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 61K 
[IMG]1959 V 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 86K 
[IMG]1959 V 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 95K 
[IMG]1959 V 5.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 80K 
[IMG]1959 V 6.jpg2010-03-13 18:57 50K 
[IMG]1959 V at Costa Brava.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 79K 
[IMG]1959 V in Ireland.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 103K 
[IMG]1959 V in Ireland 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 173K 
[IMG]1959 V in Ireland 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 123K 
[IMG]1959 V in Ireland 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 52K 
[IMG]1959 V in Ireland 5.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 76K 
[IMG]1959 V in London (by bridge).jpg2010-03-13 18:58 61K 
[IMG]1959 V in London.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 67K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 98K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 114K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 56K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 81K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 5.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 84K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 6.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 57K 
[IMG]1959 V in London 7.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 51K 
[IMG]1959 V in Morris Minor.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 90K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris (looking in shop window).jpg2010-03-13 18:58 68K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 93K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 83K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 81K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 97K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris 5, sitting.jpg2010-03-13 18:58 100K 
[IMG]1959 V in Paris 7, sitting.jpg2010-08-19 14:00 103K 
[IMG]1959 V outside The Windsor Castle, Kensington 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 94K 
[IMG]1959 V outside The Windsor Castle, Kensington 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 82K 
[IMG]1959 V sleeping on beach at Tamariu, Costa Brava.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 125K 
[IMG]1960 (say) G in boat.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 69K 
[IMG]1960 (say) Jimmy and Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 101K 
[IMG]1960 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 90K 
[IMG]1960 (say) V outside Shell Building, London.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 54K 
[IMG]1960 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 99K 
[IMG]1960 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 65K 
[IMG]1960 V in London.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 105K 
[IMG]1961 (say) Cecil and Marjorie.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 176K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Bill (best man) G V Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 114K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Christine Harkness Mary Woods Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 64K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 G V Wedding 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 88K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 G V Wedding 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 95K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 G V Wedding 3.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 127K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 G V Wedding 4.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 115K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Hugh Monica Eva Bryan and 2 others.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 125K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Michael Reeve, Agnes Reeve and Norman Reeve.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 54K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Mirella Greaves anon and mother Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 73K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Nora Ursula and anon.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 87K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Sumners and Annabel Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 78K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 TomUlrich Julia GueldaWalker.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 63K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Tommy.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 44K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Ursula Brian parents and others.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 68K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 V Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 44K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 V Wedding 1.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 60K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 V Wedding 2.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 90K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Wedding G V 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 98K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Wedding G V 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 81K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Wedding G V 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 87K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Wedding Hugh Monica Marjorie Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 133K 
[IMG]1961-06-10 Wedding Nora Eva.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 87K 
[IMG]1961 V.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 79K 
[IMG]1961 V Passport photo.jpg2010-03-13 18:59 33K 
[IMG]1962 (say) G and Cecil at Western Ridge.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 164K 
[IMG]1962 (say) G on picnic.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 123K 
[IMG]1962 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 69K 
[IMG]1962 (say) V and G.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 170K 
[IMG]1963 (say) anon Brian G Bill Ursula.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 104K 
[IMG]1963 (say) anon Brian V Bill Ursula.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 96K 
[IMG]1963-06 G.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 98K 
[IMG]1963-07 G.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 215K 
[IMG]1963-07 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 80K 
[IMG]1963-08-31 Bryan and Carol Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 60K 
[IMG]1963-08-31 Bryan and Carol Wedding 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 96K 
[IMG]1963-08-31 V, Bryan, Carol, JohnC, Eva, Nora.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 125K 
[IMG]1963-09 D.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 89K 
[IMG]1963-09 Eva D.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 113K 
[IMG]1963-09 G.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 137K 
[IMG]1963-09 Nora and V outside Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 132K 
[IMG]1963-09 Nora with D.jpg2010-08-19 14:00 123K 
[IMG]1963-09 Rutland Road from rear.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 150K 
[IMG]1963-09 Tommy Nora Allan Eva Anon.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 123K 
[IMG]1963-09 Tommy Nora Allan V.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 122K 
[IMG]1963-09 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 74K 
[IMG]1963 D 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 79K 
[IMG]1963 D 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 59K 
[IMG]1963 D 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 91K 
[IMG]1963 D 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 63K 
[IMG]1963 D 5.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 47K 
[IMG]1963 D 6.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 104K 
[IMG]1963 D 7.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 102K 
[IMG]1963 D G.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 122K 
[IMG]1963 D Marjorie Cecil in Ireland.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 95K 
[IMG]1963 D Nora.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 106K 
[IMG]1963 D Tommy Nora at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 129K 
[IMG]1963 D V .jpg2010-03-13 19:00 173K 
[IMG]1963 D V.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 64K 
[IMG]1963 D V 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 75K 
[IMG]1963 D V 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 62K 
[IMG]1963 D V 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 67K 
[IMG]1963 D V Christening.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 65K 
[IMG]1963 D and Marjorie in Ireland.jpg2010-03-13 19:00 125K 
[IMG]1963 D in pram.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 101K 
[IMG]1963 D in pram 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 100K 
[IMG]1963 D on boot of Triumph.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 82K 
[IMG]1963 G 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 42K 
[IMG]1963 G D .jpg2010-03-13 19:01 49K 
[IMG]1963 G in Ireland 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 131K 
[IMG]1963 Marjorie fishing on Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 88K 
[IMG]1963 Nora D.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 124K 
[IMG]1963 Nora D 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 131K 
[IMG]1963 V D.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 45K 
[IMG]1963 V D 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 74K 
[IMG]1963 V D 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 93K 
[IMG]1963 V D 5.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 90K 
[IMG]1963 V D 6.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 76K 
[IMG]1963 V D 7.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 66K 
[IMG]1963 V D 8.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 38K 
[IMG]1963 V D Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 67K 
[IMG]1963 V D and G at christening.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 56K 
[IMG]1963 V G Calamayor 'Val flew out to meet me on my return from Far East trip'.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 178K 
[IMG]1963 V rowing on Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 19:01 95K 
[IMG]1964 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 61K 
[IMG]1964 (say) V 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 175K 
[IMG]1964 (say) V in mountains on bonnet of Triumph.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 98K 
[IMG]1964-07 D.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 66K 
[IMG]1964-07 D 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 74K 
[IMG]1964-07 D 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 41K 
[IMG]1964-07 G and D.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 58K 
[IMG]1964-08 D and Teddy.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 62K 
[IMG]1964-08 D with bucket.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 184K 
[IMG]1964-09 G Calamayor.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 101K 
[IMG]1964-09 G and David Smith, southern Thailand, inspecting pepper plantation (2).jpg2010-08-15 11:52 124K 
[IMG]1964-09 G and David Smith, southern Thailand, inspecting pepper plantation.jpg2010-08-15 11:52 165K 
[IMG]1964-09 V Calamayor 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 122K 
[IMG]1964-09 V Calamayor 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 104K 
[IMG]1964 D .jpg2010-03-13 19:02 87K 
[IMG]1964 D.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 83K 
[IMG]1964 D 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 51K 
[IMG]1964 D 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 33K 
[IMG]1964 D 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 44K 
[IMG]1964 D 5.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 27K 
[IMG]1964 D 6.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 25K 
[IMG]1964 D 7.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 64K 
[IMG]1964 D 8.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 64K 
[IMG]1964 D V.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 93K 
[IMG]1964 D as baby driver.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 90K 
[IMG]1964 D at Guildford.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 122K 
[IMG]1964 G and D.jpg2010-08-19 14:00 44K 
[IMG]1964 G at Calamayor.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 62K 
[IMG]1964 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 92K 
[IMG]1964 V D .jpg2010-03-13 19:02 71K 
[IMG]1964 V D at Guildford.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 146K 
[IMG]1964 V and G at Hyde Park Hotel, London.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 88K 
[IMG]1964 V at Calamayor.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 140K 
[IMG]1964 V in Amsterdam 'Val flew out to meet me at end of overseas trip'.jpg2010-03-13 19:02 89K 
[IMG]1965 (say) D.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 47K 
[IMG]1965 (say) D 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 60K 
[IMG]1965 (say) D 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 55K 
[IMG]1965-03-02 S before birthday party.jpg2022-02-11 12:44 132K 
[IMG]1965-10 D.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 135K 
[IMG]1965-11 D and Tommy at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 125K 
[IMG]1965-11 D at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 110K 
[IMG]1965-11 D at Rutland Road 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 128K 
[IMG]1965-11 D cheers.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 98K 
[IMG]1965-11 D on tricycle at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 151K 
[IMG]1965-11 V and D at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 119K 
[IMG]1965 D.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 77K 
[IMG]1965 D 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 70K 
[IMG]1965 D 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 103K 
[IMG]1965 D G in Spain.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 155K 
[IMG]1965 D in back of car.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 90K 
[IMG]1965 Nora D Tommy.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 102K 
[IMG]1965 Nora D at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 118K 
[IMG]1965 V D.jpg2010-03-13 19:03 90K 
[IMG]1966 (say) D.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 85K 
[IMG]1966 (say) Nora.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 90K 
[IMG]1966 D Cheers!.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 97K 
[IMG]1966 D R 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 25K 
[IMG]1966 D R 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 23K 
[IMG]1966 D R 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 23K 
[IMG]1966 D R 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 14K 
[IMG]1966 D V R.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 9.5K 
[IMG]1966 D paddling.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 77K 
[IMG]1966 D paddling 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 92K 
[IMG]1966 Nora D G R Tommy.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 111K 
[IMG]1966 Nora D V at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 154K 
[IMG]1966 Nora D V cheers!.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 148K 
[IMG]1966 R in pram.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 101K 
[IMG]1967 (say) D on slide.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 54K 
[IMG]1967-01-01 DavidHarper and Rosalyn 2.jpg2013-12-15 08:00 119K 
[IMG]1967-10 D and R at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 93K 
[IMG]1967-10 D and R on tricycle 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 118K 
[IMG]1967-10 Julia with R and Richard at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 130K 
[IMG]1967-10 R at Ingleby 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 88K 
[IMG]1967-10 V R and Joan at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 112K 
[IMG]1967-11 D and R on tricycle.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 127K 
[IMG]1967-11 Ingleby Arncliffe.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 173K 
[IMG]1967-11 R and Joan.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 136K 
[IMG]1967-11 V and R at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 161K 
[IMG]1967 D.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 76K 
[IMG]1967 D V at Ingleby Arncliffe plot.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 166K 
[IMG]1967 S going to school.jpg2022-02-11 12:44 88K 
[IMG]1967 Tommy Nora D at Rutland Road.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 130K 
[IMG]1968 (say) Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 19:04 112K 
[IMG]1968 (say) Marjorie, C, D, Cecil.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 127K 
[IMG]1968-01-01 DavidHarper and Rosalyn.jpg2013-12-15 08:00 70K 
[IMG]1968-02 Jane Christening.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 76K 
[IMG]1968 C D R.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 111K 
[IMG]1968 Cecil - perhaps last photo of him.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 106K 
[IMG]1968 V R.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 81K 
[IMG]1969 (say) Tracy and D as bride and groom.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 120K 
[IMG]1969-02 D on bike, R in pram at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 119K 
[IMG]1969-02 R V C D G at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 149K 
[IMG]1969-02 R at Ingleby 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 83K 
[IMG]1969 R Joan.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 110K 
[IMG]1970 C.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 153K 
[IMG]1970 C R D.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 127K 
[IMG]1971-07 C at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 86K 
[IMG]1971-07 C at Ingleby 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 123K 
[IMG]1971-07 V and C at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 138K 
[IMG]1971-12 (say) D R.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 69K 
[IMG]1971 C V D R at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 116K 
[IMG]1971 C and R at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 115K 
[IMG]1971 C and R at San Cayetano 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 106K 
[IMG]1971 C and R at San Cayetano 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 66K 
[IMG]1971 C at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 53K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 95K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 165K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 127K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 134K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano 5.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 89K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano 6.jpg2010-03-13 19:05 86K 
[IMG]1971 C at San Cayetano 7.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 63K 
[IMG]1971 C in meadow.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 151K 
[IMG]1971 D C R at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 140K 
[IMG]1971 D C V and R at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 92K 
[IMG]1971 D and C at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 87K 
[IMG]1971 G at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 104K 
[IMG]1971 R C at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 167K 
[IMG]1971 R D C at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 89K 
[IMG]1971 R D C at San Cayetano 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 173K 
[IMG]1971 R D G C San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 110K 
[IMG]1971 R and C paddling.jpg2010-08-19 14:00 126K 
[IMG]1971 R at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 161K 
[IMG]1971 R at San Cayetano 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 97K 
[IMG]1971 R at San Cayetano 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 160K 
[IMG]1971 R at San Cayetano 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 112K 
[IMG]1971 R at San Cayetano 5.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 104K 
[IMG]1971 V Passport Photo.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 33K 
[IMG]1971 V at San Cayetano.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 79K 
[IMG]1971 V at San Cayetano 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:06 101K 
[IMG]1972-03 C R and D at playground 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 50K 
[IMG]1972-03 C R and D at playground 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 97K 
[IMG]1972-03 C at playground.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 85K 
[IMG]1972-03 D in Eton suit at Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 107K 
[IMG]1972-03 R C and V sledging at Ingleby.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 104K 
[IMG]1972-03 V and D at Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 136K 
[IMG]1972-3 R as St Peter's choir boy.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 69K 
[IMG]1972 D as chorister.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 101K 
[IMG]1972 Julien at 3 days.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 81K 
[IMG]1972 R,C,D with lion.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 156K 
[IMG]1972 R C Yarm (pre-YarmSchool).jpg2010-03-13 19:07 152K 
[IMG]1973 C Lake District.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 111K 
[IMG]1973 D,R,V,C Goosepastures.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 182K 
[IMG]1973 D Goosepastures.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 171K 
[IMG]1973 Edward, Julia, D, C Walkers.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 148K 
[IMG]1973 Edward, R Walkers.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 136K 
[IMG]1973 Edward Walker.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 139K 
[IMG]1973 G, V Jamaica Inn.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 204K 
[IMG]1973 G Jamaica Inn.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 146K 
[IMG]1973 G Jamaica Inn 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:07 122K 
[IMG]1973 R,C Goosepastures.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 206K 
[IMG]1973 R,C Walkers.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 141K 
[IMG]1973 R,C Yarm.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 151K 
[IMG]1973 R,C Yarm School-not.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 215K 
[IMG]1973 R,C car.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 139K 
[IMG]1973 R, D, V, C Lake District.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 135K 
[IMG]1973 R C at Goosepastures.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 264K 
[IMG]1973 R Lake District.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 64K 
[IMG]1973 R Walkers.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 115K 
[IMG]1973 Richard, Julia, C, V Walkers.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 146K 
[IMG]1973 Ursula,V Caterham.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 143K 
[IMG]1973 Ursula Brian V Caterham.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 176K 
[IMG]1973 V Jamaica Inn.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 136K 
[IMG]1973 V Jamaica Inn 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 137K 
[IMG]1973 V Jamaica Inn 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 69K 
[IMG]1974 C Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 24K 
[IMG]1974 C D Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 9.6K 
[IMG]1974 C and R at Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 99K 
[IMG]1974 C and R at Durham 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 111K 
[IMG]1974 D Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 74K 
[IMG]1974 G Ibiza.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 116K 
[IMG]1974 G Ibiza 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 93K 
[IMG]1974 G Ibiza 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:08 90K 
[IMG]1974 Marjorie, V Ibiza.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 163K 
[IMG]1974 Marjorie, V Ibiza 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 195K 
[IMG]1974 Marjorie Ibiza.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 138K 
[IMG]1974 R Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 16K 
[IMG]1974 R D Caragh Lake.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 25K 
[IMG]1974 R D Caragh Lake 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 11K 
[IMG]1974 R D and C at Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 121K 
[IMG]1974 R D and C at Durham 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 111K 
[IMG]1974 R Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 107K 
[IMG]1974 R Durham 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 111K 
[IMG]1974 V Ibiza.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 119K 
[IMG]1974 V Ibiza 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 136K 
[IMG]1975 Chorister School sports day.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 191K 
[IMG]1975 G, C, R and D.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 178K 
[IMG]1975 G at Goosepasture with Ken Margaret Susie.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 184K 
[IMG]1975 R, C and V outside Goosepasture.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 119K 
[IMG]1975 R and C in Goosepasture Garden.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 321K 
[IMG]1975 R and C in Goosepasture Garden 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 271K 
[IMG]1975 R and C in Goosepasture Garden 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 100K 
[IMG]1976-06 Chorister School, C and D.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 103K 
[IMG]1976-06 Chorister School Sports Day - C R Nora Tommy.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 115K 
[IMG]1976-09 At Victory C, Susie.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 205K 
[IMG]1976 King's Hayes C, HughJanion ,G, Vanessa, Monica.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 182K 
[IMG]1976 King's Hayes G, Vanessa, Monica, C.jpg2010-03-13 19:09 202K 
[IMG]1976 R, D and C with Adam in The College, Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 167K 
[IMG]1976 R G C D Jonathan Stancill at Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 206K 
[IMG]1976 Sunningdale Easter Walkers leaving.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 240K 
[IMG]1976 Sunningdale Summer G,D,R,JJH,C.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 133K 
[IMG]1976 Sunningdale Summer JJH, C.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 96K 
[IMG]1976 V,D,Nora,R,Chee-chee,C,Tommy at Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 177K 
[IMG]1977 C D G R Nora Tommy.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 174K 
[IMG]1977 C R V D Tommy Nora.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 151K 
[IMG]1977 D R C V Lake District.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 238K 
[IMG]1977 G Passport Photo.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 19K 
[IMG]1977 Sunningdale May C - by Michel1.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 206K 
[IMG]1977 Sunningdale May C - by Michel2.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 159K 
[IMG]1978 (say) V C R.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 120K 
[IMG]1978-11 R confirmation Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 80K 
[IMG]1978 Brian Adam D G V.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 95K 
[IMG]1978 C D Adam R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 107K 
[IMG]1978 C Tommy Nora Bryan Jane.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 112K 
[IMG]1978 C V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 105K 
[IMG]1978 Carol G V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 144K 
[IMG]1978 D Adam Ursula R Nora Tommy C V Brian.jpg2010-03-13 19:10 159K 
[IMG]1978 D C G V R Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 132K 
[IMG]1978 D G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 102K 
[IMG]1978 D R C Jane Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 128K 
[IMG]1978 D R Nora C Tommy G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 187K 
[IMG]1978 G R V D C Jane Carol Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 174K 
[IMG]1978 G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 108K 
[IMG]1978 G Sunningdale 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 114K 
[IMG]1978 G Sunningdale 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 181K 
[IMG]1978 Jane R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 129K 
[IMG]1978 Nora, Julia Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 83K 
[IMG]1978 Nora, Tricia, R, Tommy, G, C, Julia, D, JohnBeach confirmation Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 143K 
[IMG]1978 R Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 78K 
[IMG]1978 R Jane C D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 199K 
[IMG]1978 R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 84K 
[IMG]1978 R confirmation Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 85K 
[IMG]1978 Sunningdale House.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 134K 
[IMG]1978 Susie C R D V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 145K 
[IMG]1978 Tarquin Brian D Adam Ursula G.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 101K 
[IMG]1978 Tommy C Nora R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:11 112K 
[IMG]1978 Tommy Nora TheGrange.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 115K 
[IMG]1978 Tricia, G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 105K 
[IMG]1978 Tricia, R, Julia, JohnBeach confirmation Durham.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 137K 
[IMG]1978 Tricia, Tommy, R, D, Nora, Julia, V, JohnBeach, C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 105K 
[IMG]1978 Ursula D Adam Tarquin.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 144K 
[IMG]1978 Ursula V.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 149K 
[IMG]1978 V Carol Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 113K 
[IMG]1978 V Paul Brenda G Margaret BrianW Valerie.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 112K 
[IMG]1979 (say) C D V R.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 164K 
[IMG]1979 (say) V and Susie at Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 62K 
[IMG]1979 C D Kings Hayes.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 78K 
[IMG]1979 C D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 74K 
[IMG]1979 C D Sunningdale 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 85K 
[IMG]1979 C Nora Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 110K 
[IMG]1979 C R V G D Susie at Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 133K 
[IMG]1979 C V D Jane R FarneIslands.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 109K 
[IMG]1979 Charmian Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 100K 
[IMG]1979 D C V R Sauze d'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 161K 
[IMG]1979 D Sauze d'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 89K 
[IMG]1979 D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 95K 
[IMG]1979 D Sunningdale 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 96K 
[IMG]1979 Edward R D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:12 149K 
[IMG]1979 G D C R Sauze d'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 150K 
[IMG]1979 G Julia Tommy C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 181K 
[IMG]1979 G Sauze d'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 105K 
[IMG]1979 G Sauze d'Oulx 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 75K 
[IMG]1979 Jane R D C V FarneIslands.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 181K 
[IMG]1979 Jane R D C V Farne Islands Boat.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 186K 
[IMG]1979 Kings Hayes.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 70K 
[IMG]1979 Marjorie G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 178K 
[IMG]1979 Michael R Charmian C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 164K 
[IMG]1979 R Edward Simon D.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 116K 
[IMG]1979 R G C Sauze D'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 114K 
[IMG]1979 R Sauze D'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 108K 
[IMG]1979 R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 111K 
[IMG]1979 R Sunningdale 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 94K 
[IMG]1979 R V Nora Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 161K 
[IMG]1979 S Reigate.jpg2023-08-08 17:15 115K 
[IMG]1979 Simon, D, C, G Kings Hayes.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 89K 
[IMG]1979 Simon Monica Vanessa G C V Marjorie D R Kings Hayes.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 133K 
[IMG]1979 Simon Walker C.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 118K 
[IMG]1979 Susie Sauze D'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 98K 
[IMG]1979 Tommy Nora C R Marjorie D G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 61K 
[IMG]1979 Tommy Nora C R Marjorie V D G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 188K 
[IMG]1979 V Brenda G BrianW Ken.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 141K 
[IMG]1979 V D C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:13 61K 
[IMG]1979 V Sauze D'Oulx.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 91K 
[IMG]1979 V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 228K 
[IMG]1979 V Susie.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 172K 
[IMG]1979 V Susie 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 94K 
[IMG]1979 V Tom Brenda BrianW Margaret Brian.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 140K 
[IMG]1980 G Kenya.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 194K 
[IMG]1980 G Kenya 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 104K 
[IMG]1980 G Kenya 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 165K 
[IMG]1980 G Kenya 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 126K 
[IMG]1980 G V on beach Kenya.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 176K 
[IMG]1980 R G C V D at Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 142K 
[IMG]1980 V Kenya.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 170K 
[IMG]1980 V Kenya 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 109K 
[IMG]1980 V Kenya 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 128K 
[IMG]1980 V Kenya 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 114K 
[IMG]1980 V Kenya 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 100K 
[IMG]1981 C.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 65K 
[IMG]1981 C 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 70K 
[IMG]1981 C V C's Confirmation.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 126K 
[IMG]1981 Collinge Grave Southport.jpg2010-03-13 19:14 143K 
[IMG]1981 Jonathan D Carol Ursula V JohnBeach C Donatella Brian Jane Tricia Bryan C's Confirmation.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 241K 
[IMG]1981 Jonathan D Carol Ursula V JohnBeach C Donatella Brian Jane Tricia Bryan C's Confirmation 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 254K 
[IMG]1981 R D C.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 148K 
[IMG]1981 Ray and MonicaHarmes, G, V Lawnswood.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 75K 
[IMG]1981 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 90K 
[IMG]1981 V C D C's Confirmation.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 105K 
[IMG]1981 V C G C's Confirmation.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 152K 
[IMG]1981 V and Brown Volvo in Scotland.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 167K 
[IMG]1981 V on Ferry in Scotland.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 93K 
[IMG]1982 C D V Santoros.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 238K 
[IMG]1982 C G Wycombe Abbey Speech Day.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 89K 
[IMG]1982 C V R D Compleat Angler.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 243K 
[IMG]1982 D Compleat Angler.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 155K 
[IMG]1982 G Dorinda V.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 117K 
[IMG]1982 G Marjorie Santoros.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 214K 
[IMG]1982 G Santoros.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 190K 
[IMG]1982 G V Wycombe Abbey Speech Day.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 130K 
[IMG]1982 G Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 123K 
[IMG]1982 R D Compleat Angler.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 198K 
[IMG]1982 V D's room at Oxford.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 102K 
[IMG]1982 V Santoros.jpg2010-03-13 19:15 147K 
[IMG]1982 V Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 74K 
[IMG]1983 G Jean V Joan Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 80K 
[IMG]1983 G Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 85K 
[IMG]1983 V London.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 90K 
[IMG]1984 (say) V in Sunningdale kitchen.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 126K 
[IMG]1984 Adam C D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 112K 
[IMG]1984 Adam Ursula D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 82K 
[IMG]1984 Bill Adam R V D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 121K 
[IMG]1984 D D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 100K 
[IMG]1984 D Simon C Nick Bill D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 60K 
[IMG]1984 D blowing candles D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 70K 
[IMG]1984 D cutting cake D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 84K 
[IMG]1984 G Egypt 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 110K 
[IMG]1984 G Egypt 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 161K 
[IMG]1984 G Egypt 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 100K 
[IMG]1984 G Egypt 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:16 86K 
[IMG]1984 G Egypt 5.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 145K 
[IMG]1984 G Susie R D C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 109K 
[IMG]1984 JohnH, Julia Sam V Adam Martin D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 116K 
[IMG]1984 R G D D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 110K 
[IMG]1984 Richard Julia V Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 92K 
[IMG]1984 S Roseberry Topping.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 97K 
[IMG]1984 Summer Simon D G Susie C R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 125K 
[IMG]1984 Susie R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 87K 
[IMG]1984 V Bill Ursula D's 21st.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 124K 
[IMG]1984 V Egypt.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 164K 
[IMG]1984 V Egypt 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 131K 
[IMG]1984 V R G D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 129K 
[IMG]1984 V Susie Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 222K 
[IMG]1984 V Ursula Villa 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 115K 
[IMG]1984 V Ursula Villa 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 188K 
[IMG]1984 V Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:17 175K 
[IMG]1984 x 001.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 15K 
[IMG]1985-01-01 Rosalyn James nee Harper age c.20.jpg2013-12-15 08:00 125K 
[IMG]1985-11 Adam 21stBirthday.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 74K 
[IMG]1985 C D G Oxford.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 102K 
[IMG]1985 C D S V Univ Graduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 194K 
[IMG]1985 C D V Oxford.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 117K 
[IMG]1985 C D V Oxford 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 127K 
[IMG]1985 C D V Univ Graduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 174K 
[IMG]1985 D Univ Graduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 142K 
[IMG]1985 D Univ Graduation 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 116K 
[IMG]1985 S D Graduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 188K 
[IMG]1985 Xmas D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 129K 
[IMG]1985 Xmas R D G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 131K 
[IMG]1985 Xmas Simon C Tommy Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 147K 
[IMG]1986 C Christian Festival.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 96K 
[IMG]1986 C La Napoule.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 175K 
[IMG]1986 C La Napoule 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 78K 
[IMG]1986 C La Napoule 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:18 95K 
[IMG]1986 C La Napoule 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 256K 
[IMG]1986 C R Brighton.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 124K 
[IMG]1986 C S Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 120K 
[IMG]1986 C SilverWedding.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 218K 
[IMG]1986 C at Silver Wedding 001.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 112K 
[IMG]1986 G Marjorie V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 137K 
[IMG]1986 G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 87K 
[IMG]1986 G Torcello,Venice.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 146K 
[IMG]1986 G Venice.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 62K 
[IMG]1986 G and Marjorie2.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 93K 
[IMG]1986 G and Marjorie3.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 98K 
[IMG]1986 G and Marjorie4.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 92K 
[IMG]1986 Jane G Tommy D Ursula SilverWedding.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 215K 
[IMG]1986 Joan La Napoule.jpg2010-03-13 19:19 145K 
[IMG]1986 March G D Adam Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 127K 
[IMG]1986 March V.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 128K 
[IMG]1986 MargaretC G V Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 121K 
[IMG]1986 MargaretC G Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 107K 
[IMG]1986 R C Christian Festival.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 127K 
[IMG]1986 R Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 76K 
[IMG]1986 R V Brighton.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 181K 
[IMG]1986 S Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 57K 
[IMG]1986 Silver Wedding 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 214K 
[IMG]1986 Silver Wedding 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 154K 
[IMG]1986 Silver Wedding 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 187K 
[IMG]1986 Silver Wedding 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 219K 
[IMG]1986 Tommy C Silver Wedding.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 99K 
[IMG]1986 Tommy S Susie G D V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 200K 
[IMG]1986 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 80K 
[IMG]1986 V 1.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 79K 
[IMG]1986 V1.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 91K 
[IMG]1986 V G Venice.jpg2010-03-13 19:20 124K 
[IMG]1986 V G Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 138K 
[IMG]1986 V Joan La Napoule.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 147K 
[IMG]1986 V Ken MargaretC Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 104K 
[IMG]1986 V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 194K 
[IMG]1986 V Sunningdale 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 93K 
[IMG]1986 V Venice.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 134K 
[IMG]1986 V Venice 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 152K 
[IMG]1986 V Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 131K 
[IMG]1986 V and Marjorie1.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 82K 
[IMG]1987 (say) C,G1.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 106K 
[IMG]1987 (say) V.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 82K 
[IMG]1987 Adam G Ursula Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 148K 
[IMG]1987 Adam G V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 172K 
[IMG]1987 Adam Ursula V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 242K 
[IMG]1987 D,C1.jpg2010-03-13 19:21 85K 
[IMG]1987 D,S,G1.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 85K 
[IMG]1987 EdwardW Tracy.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 103K 
[IMG]1987 G Lawnswood.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 139K 
[IMG]1987 G Passport Photo.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 20K 
[IMG]1987 G Rievaulx Terrace.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 186K 
[IMG]1987 G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 94K 
[IMG]1987 G Sunningdale 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 85K 
[IMG]1987 G at Playabella Garden Spain.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 123K 
[IMG]1987 Jean JohnC G Tommy Joan Eva C Susie Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 142K 
[IMG]1987 R,C,V,G1.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 141K 
[IMG]1987 R,V1.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 110K 
[IMG]1987 R,V2.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 84K 
[IMG]1987 R,V3.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 114K 
[IMG]1987 R1.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 83K 
[IMG]1987 R C G Julia Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 180K 
[IMG]1987 S D Sloane Club.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 128K 
[IMG]1987 S G Sunningdale .jpg2010-03-13 19:22 165K 
[IMG]1987 Simon,V1.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 101K 
[IMG]1987 SimonW Vanessa R Sloane Club.jpg2010-03-13 19:22 131K 
[IMG]1987 Tommy D JohnH Sloane Club.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 163K 
[IMG]1987 Tommy G Jean JohnC Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 192K 
[IMG]1987 Tommy V C G Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 142K 
[IMG]1987 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 113K 
[IMG]1987 V 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 165K 
[IMG]1987 V Hugh Monica RoyalAscot.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 210K 
[IMG]1987 V Rievaulx Terrace.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 223K 
[IMG]1987 V Sunningdale 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 151K 
[IMG]1987 V Sunningdale 4.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 119K 
[IMG]1987 V Susie 2 Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 178K 
[IMG]1987 V Susie Sunningdale.jpg.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 220K 
[IMG]1987 V Tommy Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 138K 
[IMG]1988 (say) G at Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 90K 
[IMG]1988-07 G and R at R's Graduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 79K 
[IMG]1988 Adam V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 115K 
[IMG]1988 C V Villa.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 130K 
[IMG]1988 G.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 76K 
[IMG]1988 G 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:23 115K 
[IMG]1988 G Barbados.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 114K 
[IMG]1988 G V for Ascot.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 260K 
[IMG]1988 March V G GlasgowCathedral.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 115K 
[IMG]1988 May Adam S D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 109K 
[IMG]1988 May Adam S V Susie G C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 134K 
[IMG]1988 May C Susie V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 171K 
[IMG]1988 May D S C Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 95K 
[IMG]1988 May G Adam S D Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 131K 
[IMG]1988 May V S Susie Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 185K 
[IMG]1988 Monica V Royal Ascot.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 97K 
[IMG]1988 R Lawnswood.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 317K 
[IMG]1988 R R'sGraduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 75K 
[IMG]1988 R Susie V Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 181K 
[IMG]1988 Rocco V Stockton.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 189K 
[IMG]1988 V.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 178K 
[IMG]1988 V Barbados.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 146K 
[IMG]1988 V Barbados 2.jpg2010-03-13 19:24 126K 
[IMG]1988 V Barbados 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 156K 
[IMG]1988 V G Barbara Sunningdale.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 103K 
[IMG]1988 V Lawnswood.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 281K 
[IMG]1988 V R C R'sGraduation.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 138K 
[IMG]1988 V Royal Ascot.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 197K 
[IMG]1988 V Susie Sunningdale 3.jpg2010-03-13 19:25 117K 

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